OVHCloud Start-up Founder Octave Klaba to Build European Cloud-Computing Champion

OVHCloud Start-up Founder Octave Klaba to Build European Cloud-Computing Champion

Cloud computing is growing rapidly as the demand for its resources is increasing day by day. Octave Klaba, the founder of the start-up named OVHCloud, has declared his plans to invent and build a brand new European cloud-computing champion.

Octave Klaba came to Paris Court to bid for a tech company that had gone bankrupt a year ago. He plans to give tough competition to the industry’s leader- Xavier Neil. Xavier Neil is one of the most prestigious personalities in France and a tech billionaire who is dominating the industry.

Klaba said in a statement that Xavier is a Shark of the industry as he can easily pick good opportunities from the present scenarios. He claims to develop a parallel platform to provide essential cloud-based resources to clients as per their demands.

Klaba surpassed Neil for Shadow, which is a cloud-based game service. Neil is a founder of F Technology incubator and a serial investor in many tech-based startups.

Talking about popularity, Octave Klaba has kept his personality hidden from the public, while Neil is already a popular personality in France. However, starting this week, Klaba-founded cloud company named OVHCloud is all set to hit the steps of Paris’ Stock Exchange. The company will go public and will attract new investors to grow together.

Paris Stock Exchange

Paris Stock Exchange

Klaba has also shared the future planning of his endeavor along with the growth of his new start-up. The company aims to generate € 350 million by selling its shares as the new IPO on the Paris Stock Exchange. The total valuation of his firm is around € 3.5 billion and € 3.75 billion. Surprisingly, Klaba and his family members own 78% of the shares of the company. This means only 22% of shares will go to the hands of the public to reach out to the claimed valuation.

If we talk about the present scenario of Klaba’s company, the company’s stake at 70% will be valued at € 2.5 billion even if the shares perform poorly on the Paris Stock Exchange. It will eventually make his start-up one of the richest entrepreneurs in all of Europe. Klaba’s vision is very clear, he wants to beat Xavier Neil’s tech company by providing hassle-free and affordable cloud services and other resources.

cloud computing

cloud computing

“I know it’s hard to believe that a Roubaix company that started without venture funding can compete with the American tech giants,” Klaba said. “The IPO will help us convince those who doubt that this is happening and that they should participate.”

How will Octave’s new IPO will perform?

Octave has decided to make his start-up public to attract new investors as he wants to grow into a big start-up. He wants to reach the top of the list of Europe’s popular tech entrepreneurs.

The public listings of tech start-ups in Paris are limited. France has seen a drastic change in start-ups’ IPOs and the entire market as investors are keen to invest in technology-based start-ups. The only company with over a Billion euros was a music company named Believe, which went public last year. The valuation of this company is over a billion euros.

Several French investors and start-up owners went to the US for a better company and career future. There were fewer chances for them to grow in France. However, the country is now opening doors for start-ups, and even investors are ready to invest in their IPOs as tech companies are the future.

Europe has a market share of only 1% compared to the market share of the US. The US market share is 66%- the world’s top. That’s the reason why most investors and start-up owners want to shift to the US. However, France’s tech companies are now planning to remain in their country to serve its people. Eventually, they will see positive results and growth.

Klaba is just like us. He lives with simplicity and wants to provide affordable cloud-based services to clients. He wants to expand his company to employ more people. He aims to provide his services and not to grow his wealth.

About Octave Klaba’s OVHCloud

OVHCloud is a website hosting company founded in 1999. OVHCloud currently has a team of 2,200 employees providing various web-based services. If we talk about the services of OVHCloud, the company provides storage, computing, and networking-related services to clients in Europe and the United States.

About Octave Klaba’s OVHCloud

About Octave Klaba’s OVHCloud

The company has faced a major downfall due to the competition. However, it has achieved annual sales worth 663 million Euros, which is indeed a good mark. The profits that the company has generated in a year are roughly 230 million Euros from the total sales.

About Octave Klaba

Octave Klaba and his family members run a start-up called OVHCloud. Klaba is the president of the company, while his father and brother are heads of the network and R&D. Klaba’s father and brother are both engineers by profession and have good experience in this field. They are also members of the board of the company.

Klaba wants to hit the market for cloud computing services. Since the cloud computing service providers are looting the common people, he wants to build his European Cloud-Computing campaign in the coming days. The platform is growing rapidly as many tech giants such as Google, Amazon, and Microsoft are part of it.

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Google, Microsoft, IBM, AWS, and Morgan Stanley Partner for a New Cloud Data Framework to Accelerate the Cloud

Google, Microsoft, IBM, AWS, and Morgan Stanley Partner for a New Cloud Data Framework to Accelerate the Cloud

EDM Council launches a Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework to ensure the better future of the Cloud. To make it happen, big tech giants of the present market- Google, Amazon Web Services, IBM, and Microsoft have joined their hands for a brand new Cloud Data Framework. These tech giants will design a new Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework i.e. CDMC framework.

About CDMC Framework Project

Talking about the history of this project, over 100 companies have already worked on the same project as per the data published by the EDM Council. These companies have developed comprehensive cloud management capabilities, implementation of multi-cloud, cloud, best practices for cloud, and other capabilities for a smooth integration of the cloud services.

About CDMC Framework Project

About CDMC Framework Project

The President of the EDM has officially released a statement regarding their new project which partners with the world’s mega tech giants. As per the official statement, “The EDM Council is honored to have facilitated the development of the CDMC framework to provide an auditable and certified cloud data management best practice available as a free license for all industries.”

The company aimed to design these new Cloud Data Management Capabilities for the financing sector only. However, later on, the council has said that the new CDMC will be widely available for other industries and not limited to the financing sector.

Talking about the current scenario, businesses of all sizes utilize cloud-based services for easy transformation of their data. The cloud acceleration has boomed over the last few months. With cloud acceleration, companies can share and interact with big data easily.

Google’s director of Product Management for Data and Analytics has clearly stated that cloud-based services are more reliable for companies of all sizes. The use and demand of such services will be higher than what it is now in the coming years.

“The speed at which businesses are able to respond to change is the difference between those that successfully navigate the future and those that get left behind,” Eryurek said. “The CDMC framework is going to be a tremendous resource for companies as they continue to accelerate their digital transformation and reimagine their business through effectively leveraging the power of real-time data.”

After hearing the names of these mega tech giants, people become curious to know more about this ongoing project and its deadline. As per the official words from EDM Council, this is the first time that four mega tech giants have decided to work on a single project collaboratively.

Morgan Stanely along with LSEG is leading this project with other group members. The CDMC workgroup has spent over 18 months on this particular project.

Furthermore, the CDMC framework is split into six components so that the teams can work easily and accomplish their given tasks on time. The project has over 14 capabilities and 37 sub-capabilities. These capabilities will be designed to make the management of the cloud and their deployments for companies easier.

This means shortly, enterprises can implement and deploy cloud-based services on their own without technical help from professionals. The framework will make the deployment of cloud-based services much easier and faster with accuracy.

What are the six components of the CDMC Framework?

As noted above, the EDM Council has split the Framework’s project into six components which are listed below:

What are the six components of the CDMC Framework

What are the six components of the CDMC Framework

  1. Data Governance and Accountability
  2. Cataloging and Classification
  3. Data Accessibility and Usage
  4. Data Protection and Privacy
  5. Data Lifecycle and
  6. Technical Architecture

Amazon Web Services is a leading platform in cloud-based services. The platform offers a variety of cloud-based services at affordable rates. According to the managing director at AWS, the new CDMC Framework will be the primary resource for data management for all types of enterprises that use any of the cloud-based services.

The valuable resource will provide up-to-date information with best practices about the current trends and upcoming trends in various industries.

CDMC Framework’s Availability

The CDMC Framework will be made available for free for all the members of the EDM Council. The Framework will be distributed to each member of the EDM Council as a free license. It will also be available for non-members for some time for testing purposes.

CDMC Framework’s Availability

CDMC Framework’s Availability

The Global Financial Services Industries are facing different types of problems as they are unable to manage their data. For that reason, the EDM Council had decided to design an easy-to-use framework to simplify the processes for the Global Financial Services Industries. However, the framework will be made available for all the industries and not this particular industry.

About EDM Council

The EDM Council acts as a leading advocate for data management and analytics for businesses of all sizes. It focuses on the deployment and implementation of data standard cards, certification programs, and other sectors that need to be managed properly. The council has over 10,000 members with 250 member organizations across the globe.

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New Intelligent Tier Options Introduced by AWS for S3 and EFS

New Intelligent Tier Options Introduced by AWS for S3 and EFS

Intelligent Tier Options Introduced by AWS for S3 and EFS

Amazon Web Services offers numerous services based on the cloud. The company provides several services at reasonable rates making them the most reliable cloud services for web users. Company’s most popular services, AWS S3 and Amazon Elastic File System (EFS).

Today, AWS has introduced a set of new features for AWS storage services- S3 and EFS. The company has held their AWS Storage Day they introduced new intelligent tier options for these particular services.

The new intelligent tier options make the S3 and EFS services more cost-effective and reliable. Consumers can use these services more efficiently using these new Intelligent Tiering Options introduced by AWS.

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon’s S3 service is the most reliable cloud storage service on the web. The Intelligent-tiering storage class for AWS S3 has been updated with new options. It means the newly introduced Intelligent Tier Options are already available for the users.

What is Amazon S3

What is Amazon S3

Each storage class of the S3 service stores objects. By updating the Amazon S3 Intelligent Tiering Storage Class, there is no bound for storing data as objects. Monitoring charges and automation charges have also been updated. There is no need to have a 128 KB restriction as the storage bound is now removed.

Intelligent Tiering for S3 was introduced to keep the storage objects more reliable and easily accessible. The company had set the restriction of the objects that need to be at least 128 KB in size. The objects and files smaller than the set size will not be accepted.

However, after introducing the new intelligent tier options, this restriction is now removed and the users can upload and store files and objects of any size. The billing cycle of the smaller objects was also unstable as many users have posted their feedback about this storage restriction and the extra charged that they see in their monthly bills.

If you want to know more about the recently made changes to AWS S3 service through the new intelligent tier options, then we would like you to visit the official AWS Storage Blog Post released by the company.

Besides the AWS S3 service, the company has introduced the same intelligent tier options for their Amazon Elastic File System i.e. AWS EFS service. This new set of options makes it easier for the users to scale up the charges for storing the data of the shared files.

Moreover, the intelligent tiering options will also track the shared files and their charges even if their access patterns change. Users can have full access to all the shared files and their changes with reliable data that is easy to read and implement.

How does the Intelligent Tiering Option work with EFS?

The EFS service is used to store the data of the users in separate classes. Once updated with their service, they can enable or disable the intelligent tiering options while using this service.

When a user enables this service, the data will be stored in a separate class automatically. What makes this service called intelligently is it stores the data to a suitable class at the right time.

How does the Intelligent Tiering Options work with EFS

How does the Intelligent Tiering Option work with EFS

The service will first scan and analyze the data through patterns. When the stored data or data files and their patterns remain unused, then the service will move such files from the storage classes. These files can be accessed by the users anytime they want so there will be no issue losing your data.

A principal developer advocate for AWS stated in an official blog post, “EFS Intelligent-Tiering optimizes your costs even if your workload file data access patterns change. You’ll never have to worry about unbounded data access charges because you only pay for data access charges for transitions between storage classes.”

The new Intelligent Tiering Options’ Availability

The newly introduced Intelligent Tiering Options for S3 and EFS are available for all the regions where the AWS services are available. This means if you can use the AWS service, then the new Intelligent Tiering Options are already available for you.

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AWS Announced EC2 VT1 For High-Quality Multistreaming Video Transcoding

AWS Announced EC2 VT1 For High-Quality Multistreaming Video Transcoding

AWS Announced EC2 VT1 For Multistreaming Video Transcoding

AWS has introduced EC2 VT1, new AWS instances for high-quality multistreaming video transcoding. In today’s digital world, video streaming has become crucial for every mobile user. AWS aims to strengthen multistreaming smoother by introducing a new set of instances.

Broadcasters and content creators have been demanding a smooth transcoding platform to make their content go smoothly on the web. There are several tools available on the web and many video hosting platforms offer such tools for creators for free. However, the new EC2 VT1 is something unique for all the creators and it is also a very cost-effective solution.

According to a recent study, there are more Internet users on mobile networks than computer systems. Moreover, most mobile users are fond of watching videos on different platforms in their free time. YouTube, being the most popular video-hosting platform offers all types of videos for educating people, for entertainment purposes, and for several other reasons.

Now, with ongoing demand from the creators, Amazon has brought up the EC2 VT1 at reasonable rates. Yes, just like other services from AWS, the new EC2 VT1 instances are cost-effective and more reliable than any other platforms or tools available on the web.

What is Amazon EC2 VT1?

Amazon EC2 VT1 instances use Xilinx U30 media transcoding cards. The cards are further accelerated H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC codecs. It provides a 35% better price per stream than Amazon’s existing instances i.e. Amazon EC2 GPU. These codecs are best suited for high-quality graphics-related content and applications.

What is Amazon EC2 VT1

What is Amazon EC2 VT1

To support the multistreaming, the instances feature powerful network interfaces of up to 25 Gbps. This powerful network interface can run high-resolution videos on low latency and low jitter IPs smoothly. This makes the multistreaming on low-network devices super smooth.

What are the Benefits of AWS EC2 VT1?

The newly introduced instances i.e. AWS EC2 VT1 provides a better environment for creators and broadcasters with a user-friendly interface. The service is more reliable for those who have just stepped into this world of video broadcasting due to its reasonable rates.

What are the Benefits of AWS EC2 VT1

What are the Benefits of AWS EC2 VT1

The new AWS EC2 VT1 instances will be available in three different sizes so that consumers can go for the suitable size as per their requirements. All of them can be used for multistream video transcoding by the creators. These instances can be used for picture-in-picture videos, transitions within the videos, and for side-by-side video view.

Compared to other tools available for creators and broadcasters, the newly introduced instances provide a set of additional features. Creators can use graphics overlay, color correction, video screen size, video tilting, adding watermarks to videos, normalization of audio, conversion of color space, and more. All of these tools or we can say features are pre-added by AWS for the AWS clients.

What makes the new AWS EC2 VT1 unique from others is it supports multi-video streaming at different resolutions simultaneously. Yes, the instances can be used to stream multiple videos simultaneously at different resolutions such as 360 pixels, 480 pixels, 720 pixels, 1080 pixels in dual video codecs.

How does AWS EC2 VT1 Work?

Amazon has designed these instances with its own services. The new AWS EC2 VT1 instances are coupled with the existing popular services of AWS i.e. Amazon EKS- Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and Amazon ECS- Amazon Elastic Container Service. These services support the newly introduced instances to manage the extra workloads of multi-video streaming.

Furthermore, the EC2 VT1 uses Amazon’s CloudFront to reach the content globally. For final content, the client can use a couple of more services from the same platforms. The AWS platform has several other services that can be used by the Creators and Broadcasters for their new video content.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage can be used for the final package of the content before publishing it to the world. The AWS Elemental MediaStore helps the clients store their video workloads for easy management.

AWS EC2 VT1 Instances: Availability

The list of the countries where Amazon has released this new service is given below:

  • Ireland (Europe)
  • Tokyo Regions (Asia Pacific)
  • North Virginia (US East)
  • Oregon (US West)

The EC2 VT1 instances can be used with the AWS Outposts. This service supports integration for uncompressed videos. It provides an easy workflow for uncompressed videos. This service can be used alongside the instances while creating video content. The availability of the same service to AWS Outposts is still unknown.

AWS EC2 VT1: Pricing

Just like Amazon’s other services, the newly introduced AWS EC2 VT1 service will be charged on an hourly basis. The service starts at $0.65 per hour.

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Amazon Web Services Agrees to a deal with Greece to Promote the Country’s Space Economy

Amazon Web Services Agrees to a Deal with Greece to Promote the Country’s Space Economy 

Technology inventions are going on across the globe with the help of new technology equipment and extraordinary efforts put in by scientists. Amazon Web Services agreed to a deal with the Greek government to improve the Country’s Space Economy and promote it globally.

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon, a popular cloud-computing services platform providing cloud-computing services at reasonable rates. The company is now expanding its wings to other sectors. They aim to convert Greece into a regional space hub in the future.

With this agreement, Florida’s Amazon Web Services and Greece Government will be working together. This means the work will be done collaboratively and wholly focused on improving the Country’s Space Economy altogether.

How do they work?

According to their official statement, Amazon Web Services and the Greek government will provide proper training and other resources to astronauts and the country’s aerospace professionals. They aim to set up a separate education hub just to train these people.

With this deal, the Greek government will access the AWS Program, which will provide the essential tools and resources. The Greek government’s department will be utilizing the cloud computing and networking services of Amazon Web Services to simplify their work and save data over the cloud.

Besides this, AWS plans to offer sponsorship regarding the same to third-party organizations across the country. Professionals who are working in the industry can also avail this benefit. Once they qualify, they can be hired by the authorized person for upcoming space-related projects.

AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions

AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions

As per the renowned source, AWS has agreed to a deal with the Greece Government’s two independent departments i.e. The Ministry of Development and Investment and Digital Governance. The official contracts between these two were signed on August 2nd.

Previously, the same companies have worked together and signed a memorandum to update their existing services by utilizing the new cloud-based resources of Amazon Web Services. The company committed to working with the Greek government last year. They have kept their promise by agreeing to this latest deal on improving the space economy.

The official spokesperson said in a statement that this partnership between the Greek government and Amazon Web Services will boost the country’s technology industry and digital economy.

Last month, AWS announced that they are investing money to improve the space industry in different countries. And now, they have come up with an active partnership with the Greek government. Amazon has also created AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions to expand its Space Industry.

AWS Ground Station was introduced by Amazon in 2019. This solution uses the cloud to take full control of the satellites. Besides controlling the satellites, it is also used to derive data and other reports from the satellites.

Moreover, Amazon committed to investing $10 billion in developing their own low-earth-orbit constellation. The company had given this project a unique name i.e. Project Kuiper. The company handles over 3,236 satellites. These satellites will be used for Worldwide Broadband Services.

In April month, the company announced that Project Kuiper already has a team of 500 enthusiasts. However, at that time, the company didn’t make any announcement regarding the availability of the same project. As per the reports, half of its constellation will be utilized by July 2026 under this project. However, to date, the company has made no official announcement.

What’s the Controversy?

The ongoing pandemic has already disturbed all the sectors, including this AWS project. The AWS project caught up in many controversies soon after its announcement. The company’s condition is not as per the standard as many workers and professionals resigned last year.

The controversy arose due to the poor condition of their warehouses. Surprisingly, the same controversy is going on as the company didn’t pay any attention to improving its warehouses.

Take away!

Amazon is committed to expanding its territories in the space industry. Over a dozen professionals from Facebook recently moved to AWS’ constellation project. This shows that professionals are also showing their interest in Amazon’s Project Kuiper. Time will tell us more about this project and its profile.

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Dremio’s new AWS Version Targets Data Lakehouse Tasks

Dremio’s new AWS Version Targets Data Lakehouse Tasks 

Big data startup Dremio today introduced their new data lakehouse service based on SQL. This new data lakehouse service is designed to work directly with cloud-based services. It is called as AWS version of Dremio meant to work with Amazon Web Services. 

The company’s executive has said that the availability of this service will eliminate the need for the traditional data storage warehouse as everything will be stored over the cloud in the coming future. 

What is Dremio Cloud?

Dremio Cloud is a data lakehouse that is built on the AWS Public Cloud. This data-centric service is designed for the data scientists, analysts, and data teams to have quick access to big data. This service will help them get the best of information quickly with no hassle.

What is Dremio Cloud

What is Dremio Cloud

If we talk about the present scenario, businesses and organizations use high volumes of data which is impossible to manage. The new service is designed to make the data access process much easier for businesses and organizations. It will ultimately improve their productivity and give their business a much-needed boost. 

The Dremio Cloud comes with limited availability. However, the service comes with infinite scalability and packs with advanced security. It utilized business analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. 

How Dremio Cloud Benefits Businesses and Organizations?

Dremio Cloud will give a direct advantage of its data lake service to businesses and organizations. The service will eliminate the need for an external IT team to manage the data. Since businesses and organizations are using big data and information, they need not hire a team to manage their data as this new service will simplify their data analytics and other tasks. 

According to Dremio Cloud’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Shiran, the new Dremio Cloud service has been released and an organization can start using it for up to five minutes. 

How Dremio Cloud Benefits Businesses and Organizations

How Dremio Cloud Benefits Businesses and Organizations

This new Dremio Cloud service is based on the company’s independent SQL Lakehouse platform and it runs on the public cloud of Amazon’s Web Services. For that reason, the service is meant for the AWS users who utilize different services of the platform. It will come with quick integration and better scalability options. 

This service will reduce the cost of building data lakes. Dremio Cloud will give direct benefits to services that use object-based storage systems. Since organizations and businesses need not worry about data management, this service will give them the best of advantages. 

People move data because of several reasons. Since they can have access to their data from anywhere, the Dremio Cloud will give them additional benefits when it comes to accessing their data. 

For organizations and businesses, setting up on-premium data warehouses is very complex and it takes a lot of money for setup, operations, and maintenance. Furthermore, copying data from these services to the traditional data warehouse consumes extra time. This costs extra money as a dedicated team needs to be established for managing the big data. 

Note just Dremio, but many companies promote the data lakehouse service to simplify the big data storage and its access for the businesses. This service eliminates the need for moving the data from one storage to the on-premium storage warehouse. 

Dremio Cloud is the company’s first fully-managed cloud offering. The service’s 80 percent deployments are based on the cloud. It makes it a dedicated cloud service for AWS clients. Dremio Cloud was unveiled at Subsurface live this week. The company held a two-day video conferencing where they unveiled Dremio Cloud.

What does Dremio Cloud Offer?

Dremio Cloud is designed to simplify the data management process by cutting down the need for building a separate on-premise data warehouse. This service allows clients to query the data within the data lake. There is no need for moving the data from one storage service to the other. 

Besides this, Dremio Cloud offers multiple layers of protection against your data. So there will be no issues of data leakage or data-stealing etc. Your data is fully protected. It encrypts the data at rest and in transit. It includes role-based access control to clients for managing and accessing the data. 

The data integrations between the users and the data are secured at a global level through multiple layers of security and advanced protection. 

Is Dremio Cloud Service Up for All?

The Dremio Cloud service is available for limited users only. Those who received an invitation for using this service should use it on their system. The required credentials will be shared with them within the invitation letter. The service will be up for general use later this year. 

AWS Clients can use this service for as little as five minutes through the automatic onboarding option. This option establishes a required connection that allows AWS clients to use it for up to five minutes. 

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