AWS Announced EC2 VT1 For Multistreaming Video Transcoding

AWS has introduced EC2 VT1, new AWS instances for high-quality multistreaming video transcoding. In today’s digital world, video streaming has become crucial for every mobile user. AWS aims to strengthen multistreaming smoother by introducing a new set of instances.

Broadcasters and content creators have been demanding a smooth transcoding platform to make their content go smoothly on the web. There are several tools available on the web and many video hosting platforms offer such tools for creators for free. However, the new EC2 VT1 is something unique for all the creators and it is also a very cost-effective solution.

According to a recent study, there are more Internet users on mobile networks than computer systems. Moreover, most mobile users are fond of watching videos on different platforms in their free time. YouTube, being the most popular video-hosting platform offers all types of videos for educating people, for entertainment purposes, and for several other reasons.

Now, with ongoing demand from the creators, Amazon has brought up the EC2 VT1 at reasonable rates. Yes, just like other services from AWS, the new EC2 VT1 instances are cost-effective and more reliable than any other platforms or tools available on the web.

What is Amazon EC2 VT1?

Amazon EC2 VT1 instances use Xilinx U30 media transcoding cards. The cards are further accelerated H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC codecs. It provides a 35% better price per stream than Amazon’s existing instances i.e. Amazon EC2 GPU. These codecs are best suited for high-quality graphics-related content and applications.

What is Amazon EC2 VT1

What is Amazon EC2 VT1

To support the multistreaming, the instances feature powerful network interfaces of up to 25 Gbps. This powerful network interface can run high-resolution videos on low latency and low jitter IPs smoothly. This makes the multistreaming on low-network devices super smooth.

What are the Benefits of AWS EC2 VT1?

The newly introduced instances i.e. AWS EC2 VT1 provides a better environment for creators and broadcasters with a user-friendly interface. The service is more reliable for those who have just stepped into this world of video broadcasting due to its reasonable rates.

What are the Benefits of AWS EC2 VT1

What are the Benefits of AWS EC2 VT1

The new AWS EC2 VT1 instances will be available in three different sizes so that consumers can go for the suitable size as per their requirements. All of them can be used for multistream video transcoding by the creators. These instances can be used for picture-in-picture videos, transitions within the videos, and for side-by-side video view.

Compared to other tools available for creators and broadcasters, the newly introduced instances provide a set of additional features. Creators can use graphics overlay, color correction, video screen size, video tilting, adding watermarks to videos, normalization of audio, conversion of color space, and more. All of these tools or we can say features are pre-added by AWS for the AWS clients.

What makes the new AWS EC2 VT1 unique from others is it supports multi-video streaming at different resolutions simultaneously. Yes, the instances can be used to stream multiple videos simultaneously at different resolutions such as 360 pixels, 480 pixels, 720 pixels, 1080 pixels in dual video codecs.

How does AWS EC2 VT1 Work?

Amazon has designed these instances with its own services. The new AWS EC2 VT1 instances are coupled with the existing popular services of AWS i.e. Amazon EKS- Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service and Amazon ECS- Amazon Elastic Container Service. These services support the newly introduced instances to manage the extra workloads of multi-video streaming.

Furthermore, the EC2 VT1 uses Amazon’s CloudFront to reach the content globally. For final content, the client can use a couple of more services from the same platforms. The AWS platform has several other services that can be used by the Creators and Broadcasters for their new video content.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage can be used for the final package of the content before publishing it to the world. The AWS Elemental MediaStore helps the clients store their video workloads for easy management.

AWS EC2 VT1 Instances: Availability

The list of the countries where Amazon has released this new service is given below:

  • Ireland (Europe)
  • Tokyo Regions (Asia Pacific)
  • North Virginia (US East)
  • Oregon (US West)

The EC2 VT1 instances can be used with the AWS Outposts. This service supports integration for uncompressed videos. It provides an easy workflow for uncompressed videos. This service can be used alongside the instances while creating video content. The availability of the same service to AWS Outposts is still unknown.

AWS EC2 VT1: Pricing

Just like Amazon’s other services, the newly introduced AWS EC2 VT1 service will be charged on an hourly basis. The service starts at $0.65 per hour.

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