A few days earlier, Wellforce announced to migrate its entire digital healthcare system to AWS to create a digital platform. The cloud migration will include Wellforce’s entire Epic infrastructure and complex integration of over 300 supporting healthcare and business applications.

Eight hundred people involved in the system’s build, preparation, and coding have access to the entire ecosystem.

Why Is Wellforce Migrating Its Digital Healthcare System To Amazon Web Services?

Wellforce is expecting to go live on two clinical systems this September and be fully operational by spring 2022. Once both systems go live, Wellforce is going to be the largest organization to run their entire Epic infrastructure on the cloud.

Why Is Wellforce Migrating Its Digital Healthcare System To Amazon Web Services

Why Is Wellforce Migrating Its Digital Healthcare System To Amazon Web Services

Wellforce is migrating away from outdated technology and non-interoperable servers to scale up the opportunities and use AI (artificial intelligence) to improve healthcare services. Their goal is to create a seamless environment for care teams and patients, supported by AI and other advanced technologies that simplifies healthcare system access and eases navigation services, offer tools to manage patients’ illnesses and reduce wait times. In addition, cloud computing will allow caregivers to access the information about their patients when they need it. Also, it will provide more opportunities for research, collaboration, and education for the staff and physicians.

Wellforce’s Chief Digital Officer and Chief Information Officer, Dr. Rab is in charge of improvising Wellforce’s digital healthcare future. He is the catalyst for collaboration with AWS as he has an eye for improving consumer and staff experience through technology.

According to Dr. Rab, “Using AWS will allow Wellforce to accelerate its digital transformation, creating opportunities to integrate data-driven intelligence into everyday healthcare that is more secure, resilient, and simple to use. All tools in the cloud are scalable, agile, and faster compared to the traditional data center where there is overhead in time to procure additional capacity.”

The Amazon Web Service cloud migration will accelerate the digital transformation of Wellforce, creating opportunities to incorporate data-driven intelligence into regular healthcare that is resilient, secure, and simple to use. Along with security, reliability, and data privacy, cloud computing will also increase the pace of innovation, helps to offer a more personalized approach to care, and unlock the potential of healthcare data.

The seamless access to data across the system not only offers an interactive experience but will also help to recommend more personalized medicines. This migration will also promote equality in all patients by addressing health disparity issues. It will also provide more data to the care teams to offer medical care for underserved populations. There is also a possibility that this approach will include physicians, real-time healthcare apps, and community-based social services in the patient’s native language in order to offer easy access to healthcare services.

The overall goal of Wellforce is to create a scalable and agile digital ecosystem (including the Epic electronic health records, databases, applications, and more) that makes data extraction, analytics, and care coordination easier.

According to Dr. Shafiq Rab, Wellforce chief digital officer and chief information officer, “We are creating a frictionless and culturally competent care environment for patients, physicians, and the entire care team by migrating our entire digital healthcare ecosystem to the AWS Cloud. This enables our Wellforce team to integrate data-driven intelligence into everyday health and care that is more secure, resilient, and simple to use.”

According to the AWS blog post, “ This cloud-based modernization can help the health system to save up to 20% each year, i.e., approximately $3 million.

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Resource: https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/publicsector/wellforce-announces-migration-health-systems-digital-healthcare-ecosystem-aws/

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