AWS S3 Calculator: Extended Description of Amazon’s Pricing Calculator

Before we dig into Amazon’s S3 cost calculator, try this advanced S3 cost calculator developed by our PhD cloud economists.

S3 cost calculator is one of Amazon’s paramount management tools. Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service, is a storage platform offering colossal scalability, data protection, data availability, enhanced performance, and many more astonishing features.

It is an object storage service provided through the web interface. AWS S3 is the same scalable storage platform used by the official website and network of Amazon, the e-commerce giant.

No matter what the business or industry size is, AWS S3 has enough space to store and protect user data & info. And for storage purposes, one needs to pay a specific amount.

You can calculate your S3 cost by using the S3 pricing calculator below:


What is Amazon S3 & why is there a need for an AWS S3 calculator?

Amazon S3, also known as the Amazon Simple Storage Service, is basically a storage platform for the data present on the internet.

When companies or tycoon businesses require large storage capacity at a low price, Amazon S3 becomes the first choice. The data is stored in several geographical locations for better data security and backup.

Businesses find it extremely helpful and necessary for improved trading and internet operations.

Amazon S3 is known for features such as top-notch security, durability, and enhanced scalability.

Companies can easily collect, store, and scrutinize the data & info from a particular platform at low prices.

What Makes AWS S3 Calculator Helpful?

When using the AWS platform, there is a need for an S3 monthly calculator to get an accurate estimate for the pricing.

It not only serves the pricing purpose but also gets you familiar with the required business resources to save some bucks. When using the calculator, you will come across numerous tabs and rows defining available instance types.

Amazon S3 stores a great quantity of data from all corners of the world. For instant data recovery and backup, the data is stored in numerous locations.

And, yes, with the S3 calculator on the go, you can easily calculate the prices of all instances, plans, and more.

AWS S3 calculator is not so complicated to use; most of the tabs and columns are self-explanatory. The field list might seem lengthy, but all of them are easy to understand and follow.

But, one needs to pay strict attention when choosing plans or to answer questions related to data transfer IN and OUT.

Anyways, using this tool is not so challenging, and you can easily decide on the plans or required resources as per the business needs.


AWS S3 Calculator: The Major Cost Components

First things first, AWS S3 offers some exceptional features for storage and data transfer. You pay only for the used resources and that too without a minimum fee.

Storage Capacity and Data Transferred are the main factors behind the overall cost.

AWS S3 pricing calculator gives monthly cost estimates for choosing the right storage plan. You can choose the storage volume usage plans – low, medium, or high – according to the requirement.

S3 pricing mainly depends on four major components:

  • Storage Capacity (Required and Used)
  • Request and Data Retrieval
  • Data Transfer Pricing (Bandwidth Required)
  • Data Management Features

From these four major cost components, only the storage amount and data transferred quantity make much difference.

The data transfer costs are calculated from the data transferred OUT of the Amazon S3 platform; data transferred IN is free.

AWS S3 Calculator: Pricing Details and Factors- Extended Version

From high-level scalability and superior security to enhanced performance, the AWS S3 offers multiple benefits. And all these merits are accessible to match any business, organization, or individual requirements at extremely lower costs.

As said, there are four significant factors on which the overall pricing depends. The Amazon S3 stores millions of data and applications from around the globe.

Allow us to explain the factors on which the overall pricing depends in detail:


Data, info, applications, and more are stored in the Amazon S3 buckets. The total amount of data stored on the platform also adds to the total cost.

There are basic tiers or classes present on the S3 platform to store and transfer data. Some of the classes are:

  • Standard
  • Intelligent Tier
  • Standard (Frequent or Infrequent Access)
  • Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS)

Request and Data Retrieval

For each request made, you need to pay an amount. There is a small fee for each request made on the platform.

Even the requests made to access the data or buckets result in adding to the overall budget.

The AWS S3 calculator offers the flexibility to choose a number of visits and requests on the same platform to avoid additional charges.

Data Transfer

Whether the data goes OUT of the S3 platform, you are charged a small fee. However, the data transferred within the S3 bucket is not chargeable (data transfer IN is free).

You need to pay an appropriate fee for every downloaded or accessed file on the S3 platform.

Data Management

Users need to pay specific amounts for storage management too. Be it data management, object analysis, security, access, or enhanced security, everything is chargeable.

And the costs are extremely less for these services; that’s why most companies prefer Amazon S3.

Wrapping Up

All in all, the AWS S3 calculator is an absolute must to get a monthly estimate for overall pricing.

The pricing calculator also helps to choose the plan which best suits the business requirement. It works best to get a rough estimate of monthly bills, making decisions much more straightforward.