Amazon Web Services is the subsidiary of Amazon providing on-demand services based on the cloud. The services offered by this platform are getting more popular as clients get many benefits from these services compared to other providers. Today, AWS announced a new service called AWS HealthLake for Healthcare Organizations.

What is AWS HealthLake?

AWS HealthLake is a new service added by AWS to its Amazon Web Services platform. The service is designed for Healthcare Organizations to transform, store and query healthcare-related data.

The service is using advanced machine learning technology to boost the processing of big data. The machine learning technology will be used for a complete picture of the patients and their related data.

The new AWS HealthLake service is a part of AWS Health. AWS Health provides different types of cloud-based services for the healthcare industry. Besides the healthcare industry, the same services are open for biopharma, and genomics customers.

Since AWS offers cloud-based services, these services are quite affordable. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t ask the clients to buy a subscription or any other extra cost. The clients will be charged only for the AWS services used by them. These services will make their business more innovative as they will get new opportunities to store and transform the data.

How AWS HealthLake will benefit the Healthcare Industry?

AWS HealthLake and other services offered by the AWS Health section are designed to accelerate the digitalization and management of the data. These tools are designed to cater different needs of their clients. These tools will improve clinical systems, medical research, medical study, healthcare education, patient and clinical experience, finance department and other operations related to finance, and other IT-related services.

The AWS HealthLake is a unique service introduced by AWS for the management of data. The service is now available for the selected regions only. The company will make the same service available to more regions in the coming weeks.

The HealthLake service is specifically designed for the management of data. It will help to exchange the information data across various organizations and healthcare systems. The same will simplify the management of clinical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, patients’ data, health insurers’ data, and more.

AWS for the management of data

AWS for the management of data

We all know how technology has changed the entire world. The healthcare industry has also adopted various technologies to boost the industry and its performance. Starting from managing the data to inventing innovative treatments, technology has helped the industry in many ways.

According to a recent study, the healthcare industry is adopting cloud-based services at a faster pace. This helps the industry do more research on new treatments and services to save the lives of common people. Since the cloud-based tools simplify the management of data, the clinics and hospitals and other research institutes don’t have to spend more time and manpower for the same.

Healthcare Organizations have to collect a variety of data from various departments. The data of finance, the data of patients, the data of sales and purchases, and more. Every healthcare organization creates a large volume of data which is impossible to manage through manpower. For that reason, technology-based tools and software are invented. The new AWS HealthLake is therefore invented by Amazon Web Services.

Healthcare organizations data management

Healthcare organizations data management

The reason behind coming up with such a service is to save time. Patients and their relatives also get bored during the discharge as they have to wait for hours to complete their bills and other requirements. This new service will make the entire procedure easier. Some healthcare organizations hire software developers to design their own tools. However, such tools are quite expensive and they also need regular maintenance.

The Machine Learning Technology will automate the extraction and transformation of the data. The unstructured data consumes extra time, with the help of machine learning, all the unstructured data will be simplified. With this new service, organizations can move their data from on-premises systems to a fully secured cloud lake. The service is designed to understand medical terminology. This technology will identify and tag specific clinical information.

extraction and transformation of the data

extraction and transformation of the data

The specially tagged clinical information will be utilized by the same service for data management.  Standardized labels such as diagnosis, medications, conditions, etc will be categorized and the new data will be sent to these labels. These data can be easily analyzed and searched by the authorized person when needed.

AWS HealthLake Availability

As noted above, ​​the new AWS HealthLake service is made available in the selected regions across the United States. There is no official announcement about the availability of this service for other regions. The availability of this service for other regions will be announced soon.


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