Azure VM Cost Calculator

Azure offers different and scalable virtual machine selection based on its virtualization technology. Azure VM pricing varies depending on the size and type of virtual machine, the region and operation system. There are different pricing options available, such as pay-as-you-go or reserved instances. Reservations can be 1year or 3 year durations.  You can use the pricing calculator on this page by selecting various configuration options. 

The options are :

  • Regions
  • Managed Disks for OS and data drives
  • Premium or Standard Managed Disk for OS and data drives
    • OS Disk sizes limited to P4, P4, P10, S4, S6 or S10
  • PAYG(hour), 3 or 1 year Reserved Instance pricing models
  • VMs certified for SAP NetWeaver loads
  • VMs equipped with GPU cards
  • Usage of burstable VMs
  • Selection based on CPU and Memory or just Memory

It’s also worth noting that there may be additional costs for things like storage, networking, and additional services used in conjunction with the VM.

You can compare these results with AWS EC2 Pricing using our AWS EC@ Cost Calculator