Big data startup Dremio today introduced their new data lakehouse service based on SQL. This new data lakehouse service is designed to work directly with cloud-based services. It is called as AWS version of Dremio meant to work with Amazon Web Services. 

The company’s executive has said that the availability of this service will eliminate the need for the traditional data storage warehouse as everything will be stored over the cloud in the coming future. 

What is Dremio Cloud?

Dremio Cloud is a data lakehouse that is built on the AWS Public Cloud. This data-centric service is designed for the data scientists, analysts, and data teams to have quick access to big data. This service will help them get the best of information quickly with no hassle.

What is Dremio Cloud

What is Dremio Cloud

If we talk about the present scenario, businesses and organizations use high volumes of data which is impossible to manage. The new service is designed to make the data access process much easier for businesses and organizations. It will ultimately improve their productivity and give their business a much-needed boost. 

The Dremio Cloud comes with limited availability. However, the service comes with infinite scalability and packs with advanced security. It utilized business analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. 

How Dremio Cloud Benefits Businesses and Organizations?

Dremio Cloud will give a direct advantage of its data lake service to businesses and organizations. The service will eliminate the need for an external IT team to manage the data. Since businesses and organizations are using big data and information, they need not hire a team to manage their data as this new service will simplify their data analytics and other tasks. 

According to Dremio Cloud’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Shiran, the new Dremio Cloud service has been released and an organization can start using it for up to five minutes. 

How Dremio Cloud Benefits Businesses and Organizations

How Dremio Cloud Benefits Businesses and Organizations

This new Dremio Cloud service is based on the company’s independent SQL Lakehouse platform and it runs on the public cloud of Amazon’s Web Services. For that reason, the service is meant for the AWS users who utilize different services of the platform. It will come with quick integration and better scalability options. 

This service will reduce the cost of building data lakes. Dremio Cloud will give direct benefits to services that use object-based storage systems. Since organizations and businesses need not worry about data management, this service will give them the best of advantages. 

People move data because of several reasons. Since they can have access to their data from anywhere, the Dremio Cloud will give them additional benefits when it comes to accessing their data. 

For organizations and businesses, setting up on-premium data warehouses is very complex and it takes a lot of money for setup, operations, and maintenance. Furthermore, copying data from these services to the traditional data warehouse consumes extra time. This costs extra money as a dedicated team needs to be established for managing the big data. 

Note just Dremio, but many companies promote the data lakehouse service to simplify the big data storage and its access for the businesses. This service eliminates the need for moving the data from one storage to the on-premium storage warehouse. 

Dremio Cloud is the company’s first fully-managed cloud offering. The service’s 80 percent deployments are based on the cloud. It makes it a dedicated cloud service for AWS clients. Dremio Cloud was unveiled at Subsurface live this week. The company held a two-day video conferencing where they unveiled Dremio Cloud.

What does Dremio Cloud Offer?

Dremio Cloud is designed to simplify the data management process by cutting down the need for building a separate on-premise data warehouse. This service allows clients to query the data within the data lake. There is no need for moving the data from one storage service to the other. 

Besides this, Dremio Cloud offers multiple layers of protection against your data. So there will be no issues of data leakage or data-stealing etc. Your data is fully protected. It encrypts the data at rest and in transit. It includes role-based access control to clients for managing and accessing the data. 

The data integrations between the users and the data are secured at a global level through multiple layers of security and advanced protection. 

Is Dremio Cloud Service Up for All?

The Dremio Cloud service is available for limited users only. Those who received an invitation for using this service should use it on their system. The required credentials will be shared with them within the invitation letter. The service will be up for general use later this year. 

AWS Clients can use this service for as little as five minutes through the automatic onboarding option. This option establishes a required connection that allows AWS clients to use it for up to five minutes. 

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