Technology inventions are going on across the globe with the help of new technology equipment and extraordinary efforts put in by scientists. Amazon Web Services agreed to a deal with the Greek government to improve the Country’s Space Economy and promote it globally.

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary of Amazon, a popular cloud-computing services platform providing cloud-computing services at reasonable rates. The company is now expanding its wings to other sectors. They aim to convert Greece into a regional space hub in the future.

With this agreement, Florida’s Amazon Web Services and Greece Government will be working together. This means the work will be done collaboratively and wholly focused on improving the Country’s Space Economy altogether.

How do they work?

According to their official statement, Amazon Web Services and the Greek government will provide proper training and other resources to astronauts and the country’s aerospace professionals. They aim to set up a separate education hub just to train these people.

With this deal, the Greek government will access the AWS Program, which will provide the essential tools and resources. The Greek government’s department will be utilizing the cloud computing and networking services of Amazon Web Services to simplify their work and save data over the cloud.

Besides this, AWS plans to offer sponsorship regarding the same to third-party organizations across the country. Professionals who are working in the industry can also avail this benefit. Once they qualify, they can be hired by the authorized person for upcoming space-related projects.

AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions

AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions

As per the renowned source, AWS has agreed to a deal with the Greece Government’s two independent departments i.e. The Ministry of Development and Investment and Digital Governance. The official contracts between these two were signed on August 2nd.

Previously, the same companies have worked together and signed a memorandum to update their existing services by utilizing the new cloud-based resources of Amazon Web Services. The company committed to working with the Greek government last year. They have kept their promise by agreeing to this latest deal on improving the space economy.

The official spokesperson said in a statement that this partnership between the Greek government and Amazon Web Services will boost the country’s technology industry and digital economy.

Last month, AWS announced that they are investing money to improve the space industry in different countries. And now, they have come up with an active partnership with the Greek government. Amazon has also created AWS Aerospace and Satellite Solutions to expand its Space Industry.

AWS Ground Station was introduced by Amazon in 2019. This solution uses the cloud to take full control of the satellites. Besides controlling the satellites, it is also used to derive data and other reports from the satellites.

Moreover, Amazon committed to investing $10 billion in developing their own low-earth-orbit constellation. The company had given this project a unique name i.e. Project Kuiper. The company handles over 3,236 satellites. These satellites will be used for Worldwide Broadband Services.

In April month, the company announced that Project Kuiper already has a team of 500 enthusiasts. However, at that time, the company didn’t make any announcement regarding the availability of the same project. As per the reports, half of its constellation will be utilized by July 2026 under this project. However, to date, the company has made no official announcement.

What’s the Controversy?

The ongoing pandemic has already disturbed all the sectors, including this AWS project. The AWS project caught up in many controversies soon after its announcement. The company’s condition is not as per the standard as many workers and professionals resigned last year.

The controversy arose due to the poor condition of their warehouses. Surprisingly, the same controversy is going on as the company didn’t pay any attention to improving its warehouses.

Take away!

Amazon is committed to expanding its territories in the space industry. Over a dozen professionals from Facebook recently moved to AWS’ constellation project. This shows that professionals are also showing their interest in Amazon’s Project Kuiper. Time will tell us more about this project and its profile.

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