In today’s on-demand cloud world, every enterprise wants to transform its business functionality to the cloud platform. Most of the enterprises have already begun using cloud-based services to simplify their business model. When it comes to utilization of cost, you must start using various tools that can cut down your monthly bill. AWS Cost Monitoring Tools listed below are recommended by the experts for businesses of all types.

Most enterprises don’t pay their attention to overall expenses for cloud-based services. However, by making the use of such services, enterprises can see great benefits. The tools are designed to cut down hundreds of bucks from your monthly cloud bill from the unused cloud services of which you are unaware. Let’s check out the popular AWS Cost Monitoring Tools and their benefits.

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The Best AWS Cost Monitoring Tools

1. Claudia

If you don’t want to spend extra money on the management of cloud cost, then Claudia is the best solution for you. It is a free tool designed for enterprises that want to cut down extra money from unused and unwanted cloud services.

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools - claudia

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools – claudia


This software is designed to help enterprises analyze and optimize their cloud spends over various platforms within the enterprise. The same tool can be used on multiple AWS accounts with a simple configuration.

The software offers detailed analytics through various parameters such as services, accounts, pricing, users’ data, and much more. The best part about this tool is it can be used as an independent cost management tool to handle your AWS accounts.


2. Rackware

Rackware is a hybrid cloud cost management software designed for the enterprises of different sizes. The software is designed to manage the costs of various cloud services used by enterprises.

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools - Rackware

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools – Rackware


What makes this software so much popular in the market is it can be configured easily with any type of business environment such as physical, virtual, and cloud.

The tool is designed to reduce the total workloads of the enterprises while managing the cloud cost. Compared with the traditional IT solutions, this software reduces up to 50% of workloads and costs as well. With an easy interface and better compatibility, the Rackware is an ideal software for every enterprise.


3. Apptio

If simplicity is what you need, then Apptio is the best solution for your firm to manage cloud costs. Apptio software lets you easily have the full picture of your cloud environment to keep an eye on the overall spending of all the cloud services that you have opted for your enterprise.

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools - Apptio

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools – Apptio


The app allows you to have full access to all IT services and cloud services of your firm. The software lets you easily configure your existing system so that you can have the full picture of your firm and all the services to access on the front page.

Unlike the free tools, the Apptio Cost Monitoring tool is a little expensive, however, it is all worth as you will be provided with plenty of useful tools and features to streamline the cost management of the firm. Being a premium software, Apptio is suitable for big enterprises with multiple accounts to manage.


4. Cloud Squeeze

Cloud Squeeze is one of the most advanced and innovative cloud cost monitoring tools designed for enterprises of all sizes. The software is designed with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology that works automatically for you. The software keeps an eye on every single entry of your firm without the need for manual tasks.

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools - Cloudsqueeze

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools – Cloudsqueeze


This tool is an ideal choice for every AWS client who has opted for various AWS solutions for their businesses. The same tool provides advanced security to keep your data usage and other critical information secured.

The same tool lets you easily see the daily spend of the firm so that you can easily get to know about the changed pricing and other information. All the information will be sent to your email ID as per your preferences. You are allowed to make changes to the existing settings of this tool. Get useful information about this tool from below given link.


5. Cloud Forecast

Cloud Forecast is yet another popular AWS Cost Monitoring tool present in the market for AWS Clients. The tool is designed for enterprises to slice down the monthly bill by reducing the wasted usage of cloud services.

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools - Cloud Forecast

AWS Cost Monitoring Tools – Cloud Forecast


The best part about this tool is it also cuts down the unwanted and unused resources. The tool is designed by highly professional developers by utilizing the latest technologies. The tool generates daily reports by fetching various entries of the firm.

The team constantly monitors the data and wasted usage by the firm. They will suggest you to not use such resources so that you can save hundreds of bucks every month. Fortunately, the tool automatically sends reports and other information to email and slack for easy monitoring of various costs of the resources.



Managing cloud computing usage is a tough task for a beginner firm as it requires a dedicated team. However, by making use of such cloud monitoring tools, the entire process becomes easier even for the non-technical firm.

If you are worried about the cost monitoring of AWS and other IT services, then you must explore the above-listed cost monitoring tools as they help you in many ways and also save you a lot in the long run.

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