Monitoring your total usage costs of the AWS cloud solutions is essential to keep things clutter-free so that you don’t have to pay additional charges for the services that you don’t use. AWS Cost Monitoring is crucial to reduce the overall costing of the cloud services that you have availed from the Amazon Web Services platform. In this article, we have enlisted the best ways to keep an eye on the AWS costs. 

Most AWS Clients are utilizing different methods to reduce the overall costing of different AWS services. However, they have to constantly monitor the unwanted sources which increase monthly bills. By cutting down such unwanted resources which are of no use, you can simply reduce the cost of AWS. Let’s see how you can keep an eye on AWS costs. 

AWS Cost Monitoring Proven Methods

  1. Make use of Cost Monitoring Apps 

Thankfully, we have a range of third-party tools and applications that help us monitor the overall cost of the different services and resources used by the enterprises. 

Most digital marketers do make use of such third-party applications to keep an eye on the overall spending. The tools are designed to work as per the user’s needs. The tools are also customization making it easier to set up the monitoring time with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly options. 

AWS Cost Monitoring - Make use of Cost Monitoring Apps

AWS Cost Monitoring – Make use of Cost Monitoring Apps

Cost Explorer is one of the most popular cost monitoring tools present in the market for professional users who want to monitor their cloud cost and overall spending on various services. The tool is highly advanced as it generates regular reports with detailed graphs and more. It’s a product of Amazon. 

  1. Better Organization 

The cost of the AWS is dependent upon the IT team who are using different services. Since most services have become automatic, it makes it easier for the team to monetize them and to keep an eye on their total usages. Gone are the days when organizations have to use traditional services that involve manual tasks. 

AWS Cost Monitoring - Best Organization

AWS Cost Monitoring – Best Organization

No matter whether you own a small enterprise or a big one, you have to utilize various resources and tools to reduce the cost of the AWS. Cloud formation is highly recommended for such enterprises to monitor AWS cost as all the data stores in a separate space. Initially, the cloud formation will ask for some manual handling and extra cost, but you will get positive results after a couple of months of its establishment. 

  1. Configure your total Budget 

If you run multiple AWS accounts in an organization, then you have to allot a specific budget for each account. By keeping separate budgets for all the resources and services, you can easily calculate overall costing for each service and resource that your organization is using. 

AWS Cost Monitoring - Configure your total budget

AWS Cost Monitoring – Configure your total budget

When you implement this with your organization, you can easily forecast the total cost and the much-needed resources for the organization. As a result, you will not be required unwanted services that add up more money to your AWS billing cycle. 

  1. Go for Reserved Instances

Did you know you can easily reduce AWS cost by purchasing the reserved instances? Yes, you can instantly cut down the cost of services by purchasing reserved instances as per your requirements. 

Most organizations purchase instances that are of no use. They pay for the standard instances or wrong type of instances for which they have to pay daily. 

AWS Cost Monitoring - Go for reserved instances

AWS Cost Monitoring – Go for reserved instances

Reserved Instances lets you utilize the resources before you buy them. You won’t have to pay for such resources and services until you start using them which is indeed a good idea of reducing cost. 

  1. Free-up Space

Most enterprises use to take regular back up of all the important data including the snapshots. The snapshots are useful to fetch useful information from the past. To prevent duplication of snapshots, you have to explore the storage space regularly and delete such snapshots which are of no use. 

You don’t have to keep the previously-stored snapshots still you keep them in the storage memory. Enterprises have to pay for the storage space every month. By doing so, you could save hundreds of dollars in the long run. 


AWS Cost Monitoring is an on-going process and you have to keep doing so regularly to reduce the cost of AWS. You must utilize all the resources and services to slice down the monthly bill. The above-listed methods are used by most enterprises who are worried about the AWS cost. Go through these methods and try to utilize them to save hundreds of dollars every month. 

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