Servicenow has made its IT Operations Management platform enabled for the DevOps platforms. Yes, these services can now work collaboratively to accomplish the ongoing task. The service is available for the team of IT professionals that can rely on the platform for accessing other resources and services.

What is ServiceNow DevOps?

Servicenow DevOps is limited to financial organizations in the UK and the United States. They are gradually expanding their territories of it to more countries. The ServiceNow DevOps comes with easy integration with popular organization management software such as GitHub, Jira Software, etc.

This service aims to provide result-driven services at reasonable rates. According to a recent study, many IT organizations spend thousands of dollars for services that are of no use. They have to pay for the unwanted services for the ongoing application development projects.

Servicenow DevOps is there to automate the management task for the users. Since the basic tasks are done automatically through this service, programmers and developers can save hours of their time which they can invest in other development tasks. The service uses a single dashboard to complete the development process.

What is ServiceNow DevOps

What is ServiceNow DevOps

Starting from the planning to handling other operations such as testing, deployment, etc., everything is handled by this service through an automatic process. IT teams can keep an eye on the entire process. This service eliminates the need for manual tasks to plan out things and execute them in the development phase. Most of the tasks will be done through this service with no manual intervention.

Furthermore, the company has also conducted a survey where they found the majority of Servicenow users have adopted the DevOps services separately. After knowing the basic requirements of IT professionals, they have come up with this service. The service is available for all types of professionals working in the IT industry.

IT infrastructure is a bit complex as there are many resources and platforms that one has to rely on. When IT professionals can get the services like DevOps, they can work more passionately and can improve their productivity. The future of this service is very bright.

Unlike other services, ServiceNow’s DevOps service is quite reliable as it gives the power of the latest tools with automatic management of multiple application development tasks. Let’s check out the key features of this service before we get to know about the pricing.

Servicenow DevOps: Key Features

Easy Integration

The ServiceNow DevOps service comes with a built-in integration function to integrate with various management software on an existing system. It can be integrated with Jira Software, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Github, etc. The team is working hard to add more platforms to this list. We would get to see an expanded list of software that can be integrated with this service.

Simplified Process

DevOps is an automated service that needs no manual intervention. The service is used to speed up the application development process by eliminating the need for manual tasks. This is the only reason why this service has become an essential one for programmers and developers.

Features - Simplified Process

Features – Simplified Process

Helps achieve goals

The service lets you figure out the scale value of the organization which helps you achieve the targeted goals easily. With quick integration, the tool reduces the time taken by eliminating administrative tasks.

Quality Results

The service lets you use various resources from the existing system. Once you create the automated chain by adding the tasks, the service will not ask for any manual task. The service delivers what an enterprise needs. It works smartly and gives you the expected results on time.

Features - Quality results

Features – Quality results

Works without Risk

Unlike other services, there are zero risks associated with Servicenow’s DevOps service. The service helps you in developing and deploying the application process with no risk. The service has its own mind where it collects the right information to meet the desired goals.

Features - Works without Risk

Features – Works without Risk

Servicenow Devops Pricing

At present, there are no special plans available for the customers. To avail of their service, there is an option to customize your needs and the team will respond to you back with the actual quote for the service.

The custom quote to know about the pricing of this service will ask you about your requirements, how will you use it for the growth of the enterprise, and more. After gathering all the information from you, you will get the final quote for the service.

For more information, you need to contact Servicenow’s representative who would give you more information about how you can use the custom quote option to evaluate the pricing. Visit the ServiceNow DevOps Pricing page for more information.

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