Cloud computing is probably one of the most significant technological advances since the invention of the internet. The technology has drastically improved the process of data storage and processing worldwide. Millions of small and large companies and organizations across the world have moved their enterprise database and applications from conventional servers to cloud servers. One of the most prominent reasons for companies to shift to a cloud platform is the incredible ease of access to data that the technology provides. If you are on the verge of choosing to shift your enterprise data and applications to the cloud platform, we suggest you try the online AWS Migration Calculator and get a more accurate estimate of the total cost of migration. 

It is estimated that companies allocate around 30% of their It budget for cloud-based services. According to a report, the worldwide public cloud computing market is set to reach US$ 330 billion by the end of 2020. Another report by 451 shows that around 90% of companies already use some form of cloud service and as much as 83% of the workload is handled by cloud technology today. The industrial leader is Amazon Web Services (AWS), with a 32% market share of the global public cloud computing market. 

AWS has become the top favorite of enterprises and organizations for cloud technology because the company offers over 140 services to its clients worldwide. 

Why should you migrate to AWS Cloud Services?

Amazon Web Services, since its launch in 2006, has helped numerous small and large enterprises to make their business operations more efficient with a smooth and seamless transition from on-site servers to the cloud platform. Some of the major brands that have already moved to AWS cloud are Coca-Cola Company, General Electrical (GE), Samsung, British Petroleum (BP), Enel, Twenty-First Century Fox, NewsCorp and others. By choosing to shift to cloud technology, all these companies reported significant savings in IT costs as well as improvement in business operations, such as enhanced productivity, agility in business and resilient operations. 

Cloud migration to AWS involves moving any workload from an on-site server base or hosting facility and even another public cloud platform. Thousands of small and large enterprises have migrated their websites, applications, storage, database, virtual and physical servers and even entire data centers onto to AWS cloud platform. 

On one hand, AWS cloud services offer incredible scalability, security and ease-of-data-access while on the other hand, the migration process itself is quite complicated. Business IT experts advise considering several points before deciding to move your database and applications from on-site servers to AWS cloud platform. 

Cost is one of the most common factors when deciding to shift enterprise applications and data from conventional servers to cloud technology. As compared to conventional IT infrastructure costs, the price of operating and maintaining a cloud-based IT environment is significantly less. Still, it helps to prove the feasibility of the migration when you can get an accurate estimate of the cloud migration costs for your business applications. 

This is where AWS Migration Calculator comes handy.

How does AWS Migration Calculator help?

Amazon Web Service’s Cloud Migration Calculator is an excellent way to figure out the cost estimate which suits your particular business requirements when it comes to the AWS cloud platform. 

The AWS Migration Calculator is an online tool that helps business owners to get an accurate estimate of the cost of cloud migration process according to their current and potential requirements for IT resources. 

Once you access the online AWS Cloud Cost Calculator, there are three simple steps you need to follow to get a precise cost estimate of AWS cloud services for your enterprise.


  • Access AWS Migration Calculator – You can perform a simple Google search for “AWS Migration Calculator” or directly visit the official Amazon Web Services website. This is an excellent tool to estimate the cost of AWS products and services. 
  • Choose Services – Find and add cloud computing and storage services that you will require for your enterprise IT infrastructure. You can perform an internal IT audit and find the cost and requirements for IT resources by your business and enter the relevant configuration. 
  • Configure Services – After selecting every service, you will be presented with a slew of options with finer configuration details. Choose a precise configuration according to your existing and potential needs.


Bottom Line

Once you submit your choices, the AWS Migration Calculator will promptly display an estimate of the costs of individual services, service groups and the total cost of migrating to, operating and maintaining a cloud-based IT infrastructure. 

Cloud Migration Cost Calculation

Cloud Computing Cost


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