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Azure Active Directory Guide

What is Azure Active Directory? Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) service that provides corporate employees with secure access to external resources, such as Microsoft Azure Portal, Microsoft 365, and innumerable SaaS apps. Azure AD is used by IT admins, app developers, Azure, Office 365, Microsoft 365, or Dynamics CRM online subscribers. In addition, Azure AD also facilitates access to internal applications on the company’s intranet and any cloud applications developed by that company. According to Microsoft, Azure AD defends against 99.9% of cyber-attacks using powerful features, including conditional Access, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), […]

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Windows Server on EC2

Windows Server on EC2 – Taking Your Windows Server to the Cloud Are you tired of managing your Windows Server environment on-premises? Say hello to the cloud! Cloud computing has revolutionized how businesses of all sizes meet their computing needs, and now you have multiple options to host your Windows Server environment. This article will compare two major cloud platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and Microsoft Azure – widely used for Windows Server hosting. So, buckle up, and let’s explore the world of cloud computing and choose the best platform for your business! Overview of hosting Windows Server […]

Azure DevOps Pipelines | A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction Azure DevOps Pipelines You are exhausted from monotonous manual tasks like building, testing, and deploying software applications, right? Azure DevOps Pipelines is here to save the day! Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Pipelines is a cloud-based service that offers a wide-ranging continuous integration and continuous transfer (CI/CD) method as a key factor of the Azure DevOps suite. It permits development teams to create, test, and deploy software applications to any platform or cloud service, all within the same integrated Pipeline. Azure DevOps Pipelines is a vital tool for modern development teams as it empowers them to update their software distribution process […]

Azure VM Calculator

Azure VM Cost Calculator Azure offers different and scalable virtual machine selection based on its virtualization technology. Azure VM pricing varies depending on the size and type of virtual machine, the region and operation system. There are different pricing options available, such as pay-as-you-go or reserved instances. Reservations can be 1year or 3 year durations.  You can use the pricing calculator on this page by selecting various configuration options.  The options are : Regions Managed Disks for OS and data drives Premium or Standard Managed Disk for OS and data drives OS Disk sizes limited to P4, P4, P10, S4, […]