Access Keys in AWS Environment are essential to set up a connection between your WordPress and AWS S3 Buckets. The Access Keys are key elements to configure the extensions of a WordPress website. The following article will guide you on how you can create an S3 Bucket and get AWS S3 Set Access Key. 


Before you create an S3 Bucket, make sure that you have the following things with you. 

A user account on AWS Services. If you do not have your AWS account, make sure you sign up for the new account by following the below-given link.

You will be charged $1 for the account creation on the AWS Platform. You will be asked to enter your personal details as well as credit card details to purchase different services in the near future. 

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS?

Step 1: 

Login to your AWS Account and open the Console section. You would be presented with different services available on the platform. Select the S3 option given under the Storage section on the Services page. 

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS

Step 2: 

The official Amazon S3 page will be presented with different options. Kindly select the Create Bucket button from this page. 

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS 2

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS 2

Step 3: 

The Create Bucket page will ask you to fill in the details such as Bucket name, region, and other instructions that need to be followed by the user. 

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS 3

How to Create an S3 Bucket on AWS 3

Step 4: 

Upon successful creation of the new S3 Bucket, you would see the name of the newly created bucket there within the Amazon S3 page. 


AWS S3 Set Access Key

To access the newly created account, you need to have the access key for that account. You also need to have the Secure Access Key of your AWS Account. To get your Secure Access Key, just click the My Account option and then My Security Credentials to know more about the login and security credentials of your AWS Account. 

AWS S3 Set Access Key

AWS S3 Set Access Key

The page “Your Security Credentials” will show you a few additional options from where you need to select the Access Keys option i.e. the third option on the same page. 

AWS S3 Set Access Key - Create new

AWS S3 Set Access Key – Create new

You are about to create a new access key for your AWS account. A pop-up message will be displayed along with the instructions. You can download the Access Key by clicking on to the Download Key File button. 

From here, you can click on the Show Access Key option. The page will show you the Access Key ID along with the Secret Access Key. 

AWS S3 Set Access Key - download

AWS S3 Set Access Key – download

Now, to access the newly created AWS S3 Bucket, you need to use this Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. 


This is how the Access Key and the Security Access Key for the AWS Account can be created for accessing the AWS S3 Bucket. The Security Access Key and the Access Key for the S3 Bucket are essential to keep the data of the bucket safe and secured. 

You can follow the above steps to create a new S3 Bucket and have access to that bucket with the help of the Security Access Key. 

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