The Difference Between AWS Inspector vs AWS Trusted Advisor

Amazon Web Services is a giant in the cloud computing market. As increasing numbers of industries turn to cloud servers for data storage and app development, the market for cloud service providers has grown multifold.

According to statistics posted on, AWS is the leading service provider and has a 5.7% market share, as of FY 2020-21, in a list of 150+ service providers from around the world. This means that an astonishing 9 million+ websites are hosted by AWS, according to reports on Kinsta. The leading cloud-server platform is the top choice of globally renowned brands, including Netflix, BBC and Facebook among others.

AWS keeps introducing new technology and features into its cloud-based services. The AWS Inspector and Trusted Advisor are two such features that often confuse users. If you wish to know more about the specifics and differences between AWS Inspector and Trusted Advisor, then this article is meant for you.

What is AWS Inspector?

An AWS Inspector, also known as Amazon Inspector, is an automated security evaluation service. It enhances the consistency and security of utilizations transmitted on AWS.

An AWS Inspector checks applications for potential weaknesses, deviations and presentations to ensure the best cloud computing practices. A thorough evaluation by AWS Inspector helps you get a detailed rundown of security discoveries, which it conveniently arranges according to the severity of the risk. Amazon Inspector can check these discoveries individually or as a feature of regular appraisal reports. You can access these itemized evaluation reports easily using the Amazon Inspector Console or an API.

AWS Inspector security checks are essential for the uninterrupted system availability of your Amazon EC2 cases. These security checks are also crucial to prevent vulnerabilities in your EC2 instances. AWS Inspector is offered as a pre-characterized bundle pack and is designed for optimal security practices.

What are the benefits of AWS Inspector?

Now that you know what exactly AWS Inspector is, let’s check out the specific benefits you can expect from using AWS Inspector on your Amazon EC2 instances.

Identifies Security Issues in Applications

AWS Inspector highlights any security lapses when they trigger deviation from best cloud security practices. This is an effective way to ensure the optimal security of applications before being transferred to the AWS cloud for computing.

Multiplies Security in DevOps

Amazon Inspector is an API-powered administration tool that checks the network design in your AWS records. It uses discreet operators for compatibility with your Amazon EC2 instances. This makes it easier to integrate AWS Inspector which is compatible with your existing DevOps process. It is an effective way to ensure the decentralization of data and automated security appraisals.

Increasing Development Freedom

AWS Inspector effectively decreases the risk of security issues during the application development stage by detecting vulnerabilities beforehand. This helps you to increase freedom of development and create new applications quicker and with consistent quality.

What is AWS Trusted Advisor?

The AWS Trusted Advisor is an online tool that gives real-time assistance to provision your resources within the AWS best business practices. Trusted Advisor optimizes your AWS base, enhances security and improves performance. This is an excellent way to cut back on overall costs and keep an eye on your service limits.

The expert recommendations provided by AWS Trusted Advisor help you when you are creating new workflows, developing applications, or improving current processes.

What are the benefits of AWS Trusted Advisor?

If you are new to AWS or simply need guidance to manage your AWS instances in the best way, then the AWS Trusted Advisor can benefit you, as it:

Cost-optimizes business operations

Trusted Advisor helps you save a significant amount of money when using AWS by removing idle and unused resources or by allocating such resources to reserved capacity.

Improves cloud service performance

The AWS Trusted Advisor is an excellent tool to improve your AWS services by constantly monitoring service limits and ensuring that you get the optimal advantage from provisioned throughput.

Enhances application security

AWS Trusted Advisor also improves application security considerably by closing gaps, checking your permissions and switching on several AWS security features.

AWS Trusted Advisor

Increasing development freedom

What is the difference between AWS Inspector vs. AWS Trusted Advisor?

The main difference between AWS Inspector and AWS Trusted Advisor is that the former is an agent-based administration tool to check for vulnerabilities in your apps while the latter is an agent-less administration tool that guides you with the best ways to optimize your resource usage in AWS instances.

AWS Inspector evaluates your Amazon EC2 instance designs by constantly running checks to detect working framework patches, basic security issues and common vulnerabilities.

On the other hand, AWS Trusted Advisor helps streamline and optimize the use of AWS resources by focusing on cost-efficient operations, fault tolerance, service limits, performance and security.


To conclude, AWS Inspector is highly recommended for you when you want an evaluation service that automatically checks your applications for security weaknesses. Additionally, you should get AWS Trusted Advisor when you wish to maximize ROI from your investment into Amazon Web Services.


Steve is a product-marketer and Engineer at Cloudysave who works with Cloud Management and Adoption team. Over the past years, he has collaborated with multiple teams to provide a robust and cost-effective architecture patterns to influence business and engineering decisions. His key areas of interests include Cloud Costs Management, Security and DevOps Best-Practices.