APN Technology Partners

APN Technology Partners offer solutions for hardware, connectivity services, or software that are integrated with, or hosted on the AWS Cloud.

  • Hardware providers include semiconductor and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Software solution providers include SaaS providers and ISVs (Independent software vendors)
  • Connectivity services include network carriers

Being an APN Technology Partner means you get access to various training tools, resources, and support to build, market, sell with the APN.

Top 10 resources for APN Technology Partners

Want to get the most out of your Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership, but don’t know how to start with it – Read on!

In this blog, we will discuss some of the most relevant APN Technology Partners programs and resources including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Providers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), telecommunications, and hardware companies. These programs can help you achieve your business goals such as product differentiation, driving demand, growing revenue, acquiring new customers, growing awareness, launching a new product, and creating a competitive advantage. If you want to achieve your business objectives, ensure to work with your APN Partner Development Manager (PDM) and leverage the below-mentioned programs:

#1. AWS Navigate Program

This Amazon program offers an opportunity for APN Partners to build a specialized practice on AWS. It guides APN Partners to become AWS experts and deploy innovative solutions on behalf of AWS customers.

#2. AWS SaaS Factory

You can maximize innovation and agility by building your SaaS solution on AWS. AWS SaaS Factory provides business and technical guidance through workshops and events. It also offers the best practices and architectures references for APN Technology Partners to help build, launch, and scale SaaS solutions on AWS.

#3. AWS Quick Starts

AWS Quick Starts helps you deploy popular solutions on AWS. Each Quick Start is built by APN Partners and AWS solutions architects to deploy key technologies on AWS. It makes use of AWS best practices for security and high availability. These reference architectures help shorten the sales cycle and are designed to help ensure your customers are successful in deploying, using, and scaling your solutions in the AWS Cloud.

#4. AWS Competency Program

This AWS program emphasizes APN Partners who have verified technical proficiency and experienced customer success in specialized solution areas. This Competency program makes APN partners eligible for certain marketing programs and benefits. This also upsurges awareness as AWS Competency Partners are highlighted on the customer-facing AWS Partner Solutions Finder.


#5. APN Marketing Central

APN Marketing Central has a wealth of resources for new and established APN Partners. You can use these resources to create marketing campaigns such as banner ads, emails, landing pages, and social media posts as well as leveraging AWS copy blocks and other resources. APN Marketing Central allows you to leverage the AWS brand to drive demand and increase awareness.

#6. AWS Marketplace

It’s basically a directory of software listings from self-sustaining software vendors. These thousands of listings make it easy for APN partners to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS. If you want to reach a broader audience and make it easy for your customers to purchase your solution, ensure to get yourself listed on AWS Marketplace.


#7. APN Opportunity Registration Portal

If you want to connect with AWS sales in working joint leads and driving revenue growth, you need to submit joint opportunities via the APN Opportunity Management Tool. To submit joint opportunities, you need to login to the APN Opportunity Management tool. Participating in joint marketing programs through APN Registration Portal can also help you get more business leads from AWS.


#8. Partner Acceleration Funding Program

The Partner Acceleration Funding Program offers funding. These funding benefits can help you take your business to the next level.  It can speed up various stages of your AWS business development, from technical to sales and marketing enablement. Standard tier and above APN Partners get eligible for funding benefits including Marketing Development Funds (MDF), technical Training and Certifications, and APN Partner opportunity acceleration for the Proof of Concept Program.


#9. AWS Training and Certifications

Amazon Web services trainings and certifications help APN Partners to enhance their AWS knowledge and skills, evolve their business, and offer better services to their customers.


#10. APN Partner Community

This community gives an opportunity to connect with various AWS community of Systems Integrator (SI) Partners, Managed Service Provider (MSP) Partners, and Technology Partners to explore strategic partnerships and drive new customer growth.

Want to know more about APN Technology Partners and its resources, visit our Amazon Partner Network Directory!