Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes – Overview

Being an open-source container tool, Kubernetes helps developers to design applications based on containers. Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is more reliable than any other service provider. If you are searching for a new container service provider for Kubernetes Application development, then Amazon’s Elastic Container Service should be the right option for you.

Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest cloud platform for web developers and designers. The hub offers over 175 managed cloud services from trusted providers to the clients working in different industries. The demand for Containerized applications designed with Kubernetes is increasing rapidly.

Many popular companies such as Intel, GoDaddy, Autodesk, Snap, etc. do use their applications based on Kubernetes. The applications designed with Kubernetes provide high security with better scalability and reliability. Before we jump into the list of benefits of Amazon’s ECS, let’s find out the actual meaning of this term.

What is Elastic Container Service?

Elastic Container Service i.e. ECS is a popular container management platform. It is highly scalable and is known for its world-class performance working with different containers. It supports the Dockers containers that make it easier for the developers to run and test different applications based on Amazon’s EC2 Instances.

What is Elastic Container Service

What is Elastic Container Service

With the help of this service, you do not need to search for any other tools or platforms. You don’t need to scale or manage the infrastructure as everything will be managed by this service automatically.

You can use Amazon’s ECS for a variety of purposes throughout your project. To learn more about this service, let’s check out some of the benefits that you will get from using it.

Benefits of Using Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes

Simplified Work Process

Amazon ECS works as an automated platform with which a developer or a programmer can use the containers as building blocks during the development process of applications. It eliminates the need for additional work such as the installation of the blocks, scaling of the project and constant monitoring. The service uses dock containers to manage everything automatically.

Simplified Work Process

Simplified Work Process

Easy Deployment of Containers

The service works with the Dock Containers that make it easier for the developers to deploy the containers in the application development process. The same platform helps developers to install and manage other microservices together so that they don’t have to interrupt the on-going process.

Simple API

Amazon ECS lets you easily integrate its service with the current infrastructure. It maintains the availability of applications that decides the basic requirements of resources. Anyone can easily integrate Amazon’s ECS with the existing software to manage and schedule the application development process on Kubernetes.

Easy Management

The Amazon ECS works with a range of tools and applications. The built-in scheduler helps developers manage long-running applications easily. The services associated with all the long-running applications can also be managed well with this service. It should be more familiar for the developers, rather than using any other fresh platform for Kubernetes Application Development.

Benefits of Using Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes - Easy Management

Benefits of Using Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes – Easy Management

Managed Containers

The service works with automated tools that distribute a load of containers to different blocks resulting in a smooth process. It uses Elastic Load Balancing to distribute loads between the containers and blocks. The service itself registers the load balancer and de-register it when not in use. It also consumes fewer resources than other services which makes it cost-effective.

Benefits of Using Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes - Managed Containers

Benefits of Using Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes – Managed Containers

Recovery Process

What makes Amazon’s ECS more reliable to new users is it recovers the containers automatically. Some containers can have issues that can be figured out using the ELB health check program. The ECS helps such containers in recovery without additional tools or help from external resources. You can have the option to stop such unhealthy containers from consuming the data and other resources.

Improved Scalability

The best thing about Amazon’s ECS is its scaling process. The service can easily scale up the containers. You are allowed to select the containers on which you are going to run the application and then scape them up with this service to figure out the end-process. With this, you can add a built-in scheduler to help the process fetch the required containers to accomplish the development process.


Amazon’s Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes is the most advanced service designed for Kubernetes application development. It supports hybrid deployment with the help of the latest Machine Learning technology. It comes with a range of built-in tools and an easy API for quick integration with the existing system software. It’s worth using a service if you are working with the Kubernetes.

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