AWS Quick Starts

The AWS solutions are deployed with the help of AWS Quick Starts. The AWS solutions partners or architects use best practices to design each Quick Start. They use the best practices for security and high availability of AWS Quick Starts.

Advantages of Using AWS Quick Starts

Quick Starts can help save you time by eliminating hundreds of manual installation and configuration steps in the deployment of key technologies on the cloud.

Here are some of the advantages of using Quick Starts:

  • They allow you to deploy the technology on AWS within no time and minimum efforts.
  • You can use Quick Starts patterns and practices as a baseline to develop your solutions.
  • It accelerates your deployment solutions for your customers by using the default automation or by stacking on top of existing Quick Starts.

How much does it cost to deploy a Quick Start?

There is no hidden fee for Quick Start. However, you need to pay for the AWS services you use while running Quick Start reference deployments as well as the license fees.

You can check pricing pages to get full pricing information on the AWS services that the Quick Start uses.

Make sure to set up the AWS Cost and Usage Report to track costs associated with the Quick Start after deploying the Quick Start.

How much time does it takes to deploy a Quick Start?

AWS Quick Start allows you to deploy a fully functional architecture in less than an hour. However, some Quick Start references can take a longer time. The time required to create a fully functional architecture depends on the scope of the deployment. You can visit the Quick Start catalog to get information about deployment times for specific Quick Starts. It is important to know that the estimated deployment times do not include the setup and configuration of any technical prerequisites.

What all technologies are supported by a Quick Start?

AWS Quick Starts provide automated deployments for various technologies including compliance, DevOps, and Amazon Connect integrations. It also includes:

The Quick Start catalog also includes Quick Starts for technologies from SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle, as well as Quick Starts for security, blockchain, machine learning, data lake, and big data and analytics technologies. Some other technologies that AWS Quick Starts support are:


You can visit the Quick Start catalog to get information about the complete list of automated reference deployments.

How to build a Quick Start?

To get started to build a Quick Start, you need to set up your GitHub account as mentioned in the Prerequisites section. If you haven’t used GitHub before, you must learn GitHub command and concepts and pay proper attention to the below-mentioned sections:

Once you learn about all the commands and concepts of GitHub, it’s time to set up your deployment environment.

  • For an IDE, use Visual Studio with AWS Tools, Atom, Sublime Text, or Visual Studio Code.
  • For source control, use Git,, or SSH keys.

Note: Make sure to learn about JSON or YAML.

How to use the Quick Start GitHub organization?

You need to visit AWS Quick Starts to access the GitHub organization. Once you get approval for Quick Start, your private GitHub repository will be created, offering access to all the content available there. You to create pull requests to commit code into this repository. Once your development work and testing is complete and the Quick Start is ready for publication, your private GitHub repository will be public. To know more about Quick Start prerequisites, visit here!

What should you know about the GitHub license?

Your licensing requirements vary on the Quick Start program you choose. Most of the Quick Start reference deployments work on BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model. This offers you a chance to use your existing licenses for Microsoft software, SAP HANA, and more. You might need to pay an additional software licensing fee if you use this model to move your existing workload to the AWS Cloud.

To get licensing information for more information about using your existing licenses for Microsoft technologies, you can visit here Microsoft License Mobility program.

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