AWS SaaS Factory

AWS SaaS Factory was introduced to help independent software vendors (ISVs) build SaaS offerings on AWS. This program provides direct access to technical and business content, best practices, and many engagement opportunities that empower independent software vendors (ISVs) who are planning or trying to build SaaS offerings on AWS. The program was introduced to accelerate and guide the delivery of SaaS on AWS solutions.

What is included in AWS SaaS Factory?

The AWS SaaS factory program includes various reference architectures, blog posts, Bootcamp, learning modules, AWS Quick Starts, and interactive activities such as webinars and workshops that provide prescriptive guidance on building and operating SaaS solutions on AWS. Being an ISV, you also get information about the AWS Partner Network Partners offerings that address many of the common functional and operational elements of SaaS environments.

AWS SaaS Factory

AWS SaaS Factory

How Can AWS SaaS Factory Help ISVs?

The main focus of the AWS SaaS Factory is to help customers and APN Partners at all stages of the SaaS on the AWS journey. The whole journey includes many stages, such as the adoption of a SaaS delivery model, migration, and optimization. The SaaS delivery model appeal has many ISVs who are actively making the transition to multi-tenant architecture.

SaaS Factory engagements are offered through one-to-one and one-to-many (Boot camp and webinar/learning modules) delivery models. The SaaS agility enables independent software vendors to release new features at a more rapid pace. This allows them to respond to their customers before their competitors.

The delivery model of SaaS also provides ISVs with a more efficient approach. The approach supports independent software vendors to address frictionless onboarding of new customers while still optimizing the overall infrastructure footprint cost.

Once an organization migrates to a SaaS delivery model, AWS SaaS Factory offers enablement content, prescriptive guidance, and reference materials to strengthen ISVs in their SaaS on the AWS journey. The program addresses the needs of APN Partners that need help with moving existing solutions to AWS, building greenfield SaaS products, or targeting new market segments. It also offers access to information on the needs of APN Partners that are refactoring existing single-tenant solutions.

The AWS SaaS Factory team offers guidance to existing SaaS providers who are looking to refine the cost, architecture, or operational efficiency of their products.

Are you a good fit for AWS Saas Factory?    

The main aim of the AWS SaaS Factory is to empower customers and APN Partners that are looking for guidance with technical, business, or operational aspects of their current or future SaaS solutions.

The AWS SaaS Factory addresses these topics through a combination of workshops and web-based content that covers a full spectrum of SaaS technical and business best practices. It provides strategies to assist ISVs who are at different levels in their AWS SaaS journey.  The program includes information about the creation of new SaaS offerings, single-tenant product migration, or an existing SaaS solution optimization.

The APN Partners have additional benefits through AWS SaaS Factory and access to vast amounts of content through APN Partner Central.

If you’re planning to move to a Saas model, you might need to rethink many of the fundamental aspects, including how you build, deploy, and operate your products. Whenever you adopt a SaaS delivery model, some areas get impacted at a huge level. These include marketing strategies, operations, pricing models, and sales compensation structures.

What does SaaS Factory Program include?

Some of the resources that are available in the SaaS Factory Program are:

SaaS Architecture Overview –If you’re planning to move to a SaaS model, it’s a great idea to have a general introduction to SaaS principles and architecture. The goal of the Saas Architecture course is to provide an introduction to the core terminology, strategies, and patterns that can be used while building SaaS products on AWS.

SaaS Business Enablement –In this module, you get access to the valuable information provided by APN, including pricing, transformations, customer success, marketing, and go-to-market (GTM) support and resources.

Tenant Isolation –This module offers information on your tenants that can shape and influence your approach to isolation. A basic understanding of the AWS strategies and AWS services that can help is essential to construct secure SaaS solutions on AWS.

Data Partitioning –This module offers some information about the common techniques that are used to implement partitioning in SaaS environments.

Application Migration – This module provides access to strategies and approaches that will help you understand how to migrate the existing single-tenant product to a multi-tenant model.

Serverless SaaS –This module addresses various common pain points for SaaS architecture.

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