Microsoft is one of the best IT service providers in the world with different types of services, software, computer systems, and online platforms. Microsoft Workloads is a practice of transforming Microsoft-based solutions to the cloud. The need for Microsoft Workloads is rapidly growing and AWS Platform is there to help you pick the reliable Service Provider.

Every organization uses Microsoft-solutions to simplify the workforce. Microsoft’s essential services are highly used by all businesses in today’s digital era. You can migrate, extend, or develop Microsoft Workloads by hiring a professional who can understand your business needs and provide effective solutions.

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners

AWS platform works with APN Partners to deliver the different types of IT services and cloud-based services to enterprises and organizations. APN Partners help new and existing AWS Client to find out the suitable service which can help them to migrate, develop, or re-invent Microsoft Workload solutions.

Microsoft Workloads work with highly qualified professionals who transform an ordinary firm into a high-tech one by using different technologies and services. It can be categorized in various terms which are listed below:

  • Application Modernization
  • Database Solutions
  • Productivity Solutions

Microsoft Workloads is the need for the moment for all the enterprises while working with Microsoft’s software and applications. You need to transform an ordinary firm by utilizing new technologies such as Microsoft Workloads. Best Microsoft Workloads solution providers are listed below on the AWS Platform:

1. Powercloud Technologies

Powercloud Technologies is an Indian-based IT firm that is known for providing world-class IT services to its clients. The company has worked with clients from across the globe with positive feedbacks. They are known for delivering optimized services to the clients as per their business requirements.

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners – Powercloud

Being a premier partner of the AWS platform, the company works with qualified cloud professionals to transform an ordinary business into a cloud platform. The same company helps with different types of IT services as per the business needs.

Services offered by Powercloud Technologies 

  • Data & Analytics
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Microsoft Workloads
  • Machine Learning
  • App Optimization
  • Migration and Deployment of Cloud
  • Data Analytics and more

The aim of this company is to provide a seamless interface with cloud-based technologies to boost the business workflow.

2. ECS

ECS is a leading IT service provider with great experience in cloud technology, cybersecurity, and software development. The company is known for delivering satisfactory services through highly qualified engineers and developers.

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners – ECS

Being a premium IT service provider for AWS Clients, ECS is there to take care of your business requirements if you want to transform your business into the cloud. It delivers mission-critical cloud solutions to all clients.


Services offered by ECS

  • Migration
  • Cloud Transformation
  • DevOps
  • Public Safety and Disaster Response
  • Microsoft Workloads


ECS is a reputed firm that has worked with hundreds of clients from across the globe. You can get more information about the company and its performance from the official website.


3. StackArmor

StackArmor is specialized in different types of IT services such as Cloud-migration, IT consulting, Cybersecurity etc. If security is your concern while migrating your business to Cloud, then StackArmor is the best place to go with.

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners – StackArmor

It’s one of the most trusted APN Partners for AWS Clients who are searching for Microsoft Workloads solutions. You can get the best of services to migrate and develop Microsoft Workloads solutions from here.


Services offered by StackArmor 

  • Cloud Migration and Support
  • Rapid Migration Assessment
  • Managed Services
  • Microsoft Workloads
  • Cybersecurity


With deep professional experience and a highly qualified team, StackArmor takes care of your business needs and will strategies effective workflow to boost your business and transform it to a cloud.

4. Slalom

Slalom is known as the firm to modernize your business workflow. The company is expertise in cloud transformation through the latest technologies. With decades of experience in the field, Slalom has managed to build a team of highly qualified engineers and professionals to provide all types of solutions to your business requirements.

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners – Slalom


It is located in 29 different locations across the US, UK, and Canada with hundreds of satisfied clients. They provide effective Microsoft Workloads solution to convert your services to the high-tech platform.


Services offered by Slalom

  • Data and Analytics
  • Microsoft Workloads
  • Cloud Transformation
  • Managed Services
  • IT Consulting
  • Financial Services


Slalom is one of the most trusted APN Partners for AWS Clients as it is the only firm with decades of experience in the old and latest technologies. You can get more information by visiting the official website.


5. EagleDream Technologies

Redefine your business with EagleDream Technologies, the leading IT Service provider in the world with highly qualified engineers. The team of professionals first create a strategy with deep analysis and then transform your business to the cloud platform.

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners

Microsoft Workloads APN Partners – EagleDream

Moreover, the same firm is known for working with Microsoft Workloads engineers to migrate and develop your Microsoft-related solutions as per your requirements.

Services offered by EagleDream Technologies

  • Cloud Architecture and Transformation
  • Application Development and Monetization
  • Data lake and analytics
  • Microsoft Workloads Solution
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Managed Services
  • UI/ UX Design


With Amazon Web Services Certified professionals, EagleDream Technologies has grown into a leading IT firm that is accessible through the AWS platform.

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