AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing

The Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows you to:

– Provision a logically isolated section of the AWS cloud where it’s possible to launch resources in a virtual network defined by you.

– Gain total control over virtual networking environment, as well as the selection of your very own IP address range, subnet creations, and configuring route tables + network gateways.

– You are capable of utilizing both IPv4 + IPv6 in your VPC for secure and easily accessible resources +apps.

– Simple customization of the network configuration for your VPC.


Pricing VPC Traffic Mirroring:

AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing - virtual private cloud

AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing – virtual private cloud

Choosing to enable traffic mirroring on ENI of EC2 instances, charges are based hourly for every ENI enabled with traffic mirroring. When you don’t want to get charged for traffic mirroring, just disable traffic mirroring on EC2 instance ENIs through the use of one of the following:

– AWS Management Console

– Command line interface


  • Region: US East (Ohio)

Price per hour for every ENI: $0.015

Example of Pricing:

Enabling traffic mirroring session on 5 ENIs in a VPC located in the US East (Ohio).

Traffic mirroring sessions staid active for a period of: 30 days, 24 hours a day.

You are going to get charged hourly, for every hour of active traffic mirroring sessions on ENIs.

US East (Ohio) Region has an hourly rate of $0.015.

Which means that the result is going to be a total charge of $54.

VPC Ingress Routing:

AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing - vpc ingress routing

AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing – vpc ingress routing

VPC ingress routing will be available in commercial and GovCloud (US) Regions for no added cost whatsoever.

Pricing for NAT Gateway:

AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing - NAT gateway pricing

AWS VPC Data Transfer Pricing – NAT gateway pricing

In case you go with the choice of creating a NAT gateway in your VPC, you will get charged for every “NAT Gateway-hour” your NAT gateway is available and well provisioned. Charges for Data processing will be applied for every Gigabyte being processed through the NAT gateway without taking into consideration the source or destination of traffic. Every partial NAT Gateway-hour consumed will be charged to be a full hour. You also incur Standard AWS data transfer charges are going to be incurred as well for every single data being transferred through the NAT gateway. In case you don’t want to get charged for a NAT gateway, you just have to delete your NAT gateway by either one of the following: the Management Console, API or command line interface.

Region: US (Ohio)

Price per NAT gateway ($/hour) Price per GB data processed ($)
$0.045 $0.045

Pricing Example for NAT Gateway

Suppose that you have already created a NAT gateway and you obtain an EC2 instance routed to the Internet with the use of the NAT gateway. This EC2 instance behind the NAT gateway will send a 1 GB file to a specific 1 of your S3 buckets. Your EC2 instance, S3 Bucket and the NAT gateway are all located in the same region of US East (Ohio), and your EC2 instance and the NAT gateway are both located in the exact same AZ. Your cost shall be calculated this way:

  • Charge for NAT Gateway Hourly: This gets charged hourly. For the selected region, rate is $0.045 for every hour.
  • Charge for NAT Gateway Data Processing: 1 GB of data gone through NAT gateway. A NAT Gateway Data Processing charge gets directly applied and ends up with a charge of $0.045.
  • Charge for Data Transfer: Refers to a standard charge for EC2 Data Transfer. 1 GB of data got previously transferred from an EC2 instance to S3 through the NAT gateway. No charge is made for data transferred from EC2 instance to S3 since it is Data Transfer Out to EC2 to S3 while maintaining the exact same region. Additionally, no charge was made for data being transferred between NAT Gateway and EC2 instance because traffic remains in the exact same AZ with the use of private IP addresses. A data transfer charge will be made between NAT Gateway and EC2 instance in case they were found in a differing AZ.

To summarize things up, you will get charged an amount of $0.045 for 1 GB data which is processed by the NAT gateway and also charged $0.045 for every hour as soon as the NAT gateway becomes provisioned and available. In our example, there will be no charge for this data transfer. Yet, in case you decide sending the file to a non-AWS internet location, you will get data transfer charges since it’s going to be a data transfer out from EC2 to the internet.


Keep in mind that for the sake of avoiding the NAT Gateway Data Processing charge found in the previous example, do the following:

– Start setting up a Gateway Type VPC endpoint

– Later on, go ahead with routing the traffic to or from S3 by utilizing the VPC endpoint and not with going through the NAT Gateway. No data processing or hourly charges are made for utilizing Gateway Type VPC endpoints.

Unless being noted, those prices do not include applicable taxes and duties (VAT and applicable sales tax). For Customers having a Japanese billing address, AWS utilization is affected by Japanese Consumption Tax. 

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